Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker

2011 Results

Cheshire Classic: 4th

Bedford 2day stage 2: 4th

Bedfod 2day stage 4: 4th

Clitheroe CDNW: 6th

Team Time Trial Ipswich; 2nd

Hillingdon GP: 7th

Jersey Criterium: 3rd

Jersey Road Race: 3rd

Peterborough Tour Series: 6th

National 25 mile TT: 13th

Oakley Team Series- 5th

Zottegem, Belgium- 14th

Tywyn National Crits- 2nd

Abergavenny RR- 3rd

National Criterium Championships- 12th

Darley Moore- 4th

Coalville RR- 1st

National Derny Championships- 1st

National 3km Pursuit- 14th

National Madison Championships- 2nd With Hannah Barnes

jersey 1 2 3

Windsor Team Series: 2nd

Cheshire Classic: 9th

Bedford 2day Stage Race: 3rd Junior Overall

Clitheroe CDNW: 1st

Dumfries Crit: 6th

Stratford Upon Avon Team series: 5th

Oakley Team Series: 2nd

Junior Tour of Assen Prologue: 2nd

Junior Tour of Assen Time Trial: 4th

Junior Tour of Assen: 6th overall

Bekegem, Belgium: 2nd

Rumst, Belgium: 8th

National Junior Sprint: 4th

National Junior Pursuit: 3rd

Darley Moore Team Series: 2nd

National Madison Championships: 1st With Hannah Barnes

Sutherland Crit Australia: 9th

Sutherland Crit Australia: 2nd

2010 Results

hannah winning in Belgium, Muizen